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Subject:Season 2 - Untouched
Time:01:59 pm
Angel: Do you know how hard it is to think straight with a rebar through your torso?
Cordelia: Actually, I do. Benefits of a Sunnydale education.

Gunn: You call; I come. Loaded for bear. Ready for battle. Somethin' else that starts with "B."

Bethany: So, are you and Angel?
Cordelia: Oh, no. I like my men less broody and more spendy.
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Subject:Some Season 3 Quotes.
Time:02:47 pm
I've spent a lot of time watching Angel recently. And this weekend, I've been rewatching Season 3. So I've put together some quotes for you guys.

Cordelia: You guys amaze me. You'll fight hell beasts but you're scared of rats.
Gunn: Hate rats. Their beady eyes -
Wesley: And their beady teeth --
Gunn: -- and their tails all woosha-woosha-woosha -

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Time:06:01 pm
This part is so funny, I'm sure it's been posted before, but just in case it hasn't:

Cordelia: Lemme break this down for you, Fred. [being Buffy] Oh, Angel. I know that I am a Slayer, and you are a Vampire, and it is impossible for us to be together, but --
Wesley: [being Angel] But my gypsy curse, and our hot little loins, sometimes prevent us from seeing the truth. Oh Buffy --
Cordelia: Yes, Angel?
Wesley: I love you so much I almost forgot to brood!
Cordelia: And just because I sent you to hell that one time doesn't mean we can't be friends.
Wesley: Or possibly more?
Cordelia: Gasp! No! We mustn't! You'll lose your soul!
Wesley: To hell with my soul! Again! Kiss me!
Cordelia: Bite me!
Angel:[walks into the room] How 'bout you both bite me?
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Subject:Oooooh Wesley
Time:12:03 am
Angel: "So, we are talking about the same Cordelia Chase, right?"
Wesley: "That's correct."
Angel: "Knowing her..."
Wesley: "But you don't. You don't know her at all. For months now you haven't cared to. Otherwise you might have realized that our Cordelia has become a very solitary girl. She's not the vain, carefree creature she once was... Well, certainly not carefree. - It's the visions, you see. The visions that were meant to guide you. You could turn away from them. She doesn't have that luxury. She knows and experiences the pain in this city, and because of who she is, she feels compelled to do something about it. - It's left her little time for anything else. - You'd have known that - if you hadn't had you head firmly up your... place that isn't on top of your neck."

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Subject:25 Text only icons!
Time:02:46 pm
(x-posted to buffyquotes)

I spent my weekend rewatching Buffy season 7, and browsing through quotes, here and at buffyquotes.

And I was inspired to make some text only icons.

1-15: Buffy
16-20: Angel

Icons are HERE @ my icon community yourbestbeticon
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Subject:Wes/Lilah <3
Time:01:00 pm
Wesley:(on the phone) No, I'm working late as well. It's fine. (laughs) Sorry to disappoint, Lilah, but I am not waiting at the door with a scowl and burnt pot roast. (laughs) Well, if your lot can have the world destroyed by midnight, we could still (call waiting beeps) Dammit, hold on. (flashes phone) Price here. (pauses) Yes, we'll bloody well take Angel's clients if he's out of town. Call me back with the details in twenty minutes.
(flashes phone) Sorry, Lilah, midnight might not be... Uh-huh. Oh, you did? That is my favorite pair. Are you sitting at your desk? Take them off. No, not after your meeting. Now. Pretend you dropped your pencil. Very good. Now...

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Time:03:01 pm
Lorne (The Host): The wheel keeps turning. You can't stop it. Sometimes thing get worse, sometimes they get better.
Gene: I want the wheel to stop.
Lorne (The Host): That just doesn't work, Genie. It's like a song. Now, I can hold a note a long time. Actually, I can hold a note forever. But eventually, that's just noise. It's the *change* we're listening for. The note coming after and the one after that. That's what makes it music.
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Subject:from That Vision Thing
Time:12:15 pm
Gunn: Five herb shops in Chinatown. We've been to four. How come whatever we're searching for is always in the last place we look?

Wesley: I suppose it's one of the unwritten laws of being a dick. Uh, sleuth. A gumshoe. Sherlock.

Gunn: All I know is you use the word "dick" again and we gonna have a problem. So what's the name of this place, anyway?

Wesley: Van Hoa Duong.
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Time:01:38 am
Cordelia: "Who is it?"
Gunn: "Gunn."
Wesley: "What was that?"
Cordelia: "Something about a gun. What if it's a demon with a gun?"
Wesley: "Listen up, whoever you are, we are well armed and we know how to do battle, so if you know what's good for you..."
Gunn: "My name is Gunn. Angel sent me."
Cordelia: "Well, this is a little embarrassing. Please, come in. Come in. Wesley, you've heard Angel talk about Gunn. He's a great guy with a really fly street tag."
Wes: "What's he fly?"
Cordelia: "It's how they know you on the street, dorko. Gun. It really lets them know you mean business."
Gunn: "It's my name. Charles Gunn. Two 'n.'"
Cordelia: "Oh, lord, will no one shut me up?"
Wesley: "Uh, I'm Wesley Wyndam Price and this is Cordelia Chase."
Cordelia: "It's nice to finally meet."
Gunn: "I've seen you before."
Cordelia: "Really? The Tan'n'screen commercials!"
Gunn: "I saw you in bed."
Cordelia: "What?"
Wesley: "Ah, I-I can see this is none of my business..."
Gunn: "You, too."
Wesley: "Now, just a moment!"
Gunn: "In the hospital - after Angel's building blew? He sent me there to keep an eye on you two."
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Current Music:Angel Soundtrack Live Fast, Die Never
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Subject:4 x11 Soulless Angelus & Connor Talk
Time:11:14 pm
Current Mood:contentcontent
CONNOR Everyone's afraid of you.
ANGELUS Is that my shirt?
CONNOR Not anymore.
ANGELUS Looks good on you, son.
CONNOR So did Cordy.
ANGELUS She looks good on everybody.
CONNOR Angel warned me about you. Said I should remember you're not my real father.
ANGELUS Yeah, that was a nice speech. Touching. I think it ended with you promising to kill me.
CONNOR I remember.
ANGELUS Kind of unnecessary, don't you think? I mean, with your track-record, I'll be staking myself by the end of the day.
CONNOR It's fine by me.
ANGELUS Darla felt the same way. It made her sick, you squirming inside her. So, she jammed a stake in her own heart, just so she wouldn't have to hear your first whiny breath.
CONNOR You don't know anything.
ANGELUS Then there was Holtz. It disappointed him so much that he stabbed himself in the neck.
CONNOR My fa— Holtz was a good man. All he ever wanted was for you to get the punishment you deserve. And you will.
ANGELUS And now my boy's in love. All hearts and flowers. But, doesn't it freak you out that she used to change your diapers? I mean, when you think about it, the first woman you boned is the closest thing you've ever had to a mother. Doing your mom and trying to kill your dad. Hm. There should be a play.
CONNOR You think I care what you say? Angel told me how you'd try to hurt me, how you aren't my real dad, just some animal in a cage. Angel's my dad.
ANGELUS I'm gonna cry.
CONNOR That's what he told me. And he thought I believed him. The truth is, Angel's just something that you're forced to wear. You're my real father.
ANGELUS I'm right here. All you have to do is come and get me.
CONNOR You'd like that.
ANGELUS You couldn't take me anyway.
CONNOR We'll see.
ANGELUS Promises, promises. Don't make 'em, if you can't keep 'em.
CONNOR I wouldn't think of it.
ANGELUS It might be your best chance. Don't disappoint daddy.
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